Things That Can Hurt Your SEO Ranking

Things That Can Hurt Your SEO Ranking

First published: September 18, 2022 @ 6:00 pm

You may wonder why SEO is so important. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO helps to improve your website’s position in the search engine results page (SERP).

It also helps to attract new customers and improve your sales performance.

Search engines are the backbone of any internet marketing strategy.

Without a search engine ranking, it is very difficult to get new traffic and sales.

The first step in improving your search engine ranking is to know what things can hurt your SEO ranking.

We will go through the most common problems and explain how you can avoid them.

These are some things that can hurt your SEO ranking:

1. Bad Backlinks

You might have noticed that some sites rank much higher than yours in Google’s search results.

If you want to rank in a prominent position, make sure that your site has many backlinks from other websites.

They will link back to yours and give you more power in Google’s eyes.

You must properly optimize your site for backlinks.

That way, people who want to link their websites with yours do not think that they are wasting their time linking with a non-ranking site.

There are many websites that provide services to help you with backlinks.

The cost of this service is relatively high, but it can be worth it if you want to get higher rankings. You can use them if you don’t have the time or money to do it yourself.

Things That Can Hurt Your SEO Ranking

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2. Bad Content

Each piece of content is the backbone of your website. It is the foundation of your SEO ranking. You should keep your content fresh and relevant at all times.

This is an arduous task because you have to stay updated with the latest news and events that affect your niche.

But it’s not enough to just write something new; you also have to take care of how well you can present it in a way that people can understand and get the message.

The more interesting and appealing your content is, the more likely people will want to share it with their friends and colleagues. It will then increase your traffic and sales.

Beware of duplicate content, too. You don’t want to have the same content on your website twice.

3. Poor Domain Authority

Domain authority matters in determining how well your site ranks in Google’s search results.

It’s one of the most important factors in SEO ranking. This one factor affects many other factors, including on-page optimization and backlinks from other websites.

We can measure a domain authority score by considering the following factors: Page Authority, Domain Authority, Trust Flow, and Social Signals.

The most important one for SEO ranking is Page Authority (PA). Your PA score must be higher than 50 to rank well on Google.

To increase your domain authority, make sure that your site has many high-quality backlinks from other websites that link back to yours.

You can do this by making an article on your blog and linking it to relevant websites.

You can also create articles on relevant forums and post them on social media sites.

This will help you get more backlinks from other websites and improve your domain authority score.

4. Using Black Hat Techniques for SEO Ranking

Black hat techniques differ from what you normally see in search engine optimization (SEO).

These techniques use unethical methods, such as spamming or tricking people into clicking links that are not related to the site’s content.

Unfortunately, this leads to a decrease in trust and can harm the site’s ranking in Google’s search results.

Some of the black hat techniques include: Fake Links, Hidden Links, Clickbait Links, Cloaking, Anchor Text Fraud and Scraped Content.

You should never use these techniques. They are harmful for your website’s search ranking. It can also lead to a decrease in trust by the users of Google’s search query.

These techniques are against Google’s terms of service and can lead to the website being banned from the search engine. So, you should always use ethical methods for SEO ranking.

Things That Can Hurt Your SEO Ranking

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.

5. No Keywords for Your Website

You should always add keyword phrases to your website so that it ranks well in Google’s search results.

When people type a query in Google, they are looking for websites that have information related to the keyword they type in.

They will not visit your site if you don’t have relevant keywords for your site.

Therefore, make sure that you include keywords related to your content in your site’s title, content, and meta description.

Another ranking factor that Google uses is the number of keywords your site has. The more keywords you have, the better chance you have of getting more traffic.

However, avoid keyword stuffing, as it can backfire and hurt your SEO ranking.

6. The Wrong Link Profile Structure for Your Site

One SEO strategy that we have seen used for many years is to have a profile structure that mirrors the URL of the site.

If you are using a .com, .net, or .org URL, use a link profile that matches the URL.

If you are using a sub-domain like, then your link profile should reflect that.

You can also use different link profiles for different content on your site.

For example, on the About Us page of my website, we have links in my internal links section to my About Me page and my Contact Us page.

We also have links to all of our articles on each page as well as all the content on each article page itself (e.g., home page, list archives).

7. No Internal Links on Your Website

Internal linking is an important factor for SEO ranking. It shows how relevant your content is to the topics that you cover on your website.

Internal linking helps to improve the user experience on your website.

They can find information easily by following a certain path on your site instead of having to read through long pages or posts one after another.

Bounce rates are high for websites that have no relevant contents or lack of internal links. Also, make sure you have no broken links in your posts.

A high bounce rate means that people aren’t getting what they want from your website. They can easily leave your site and go to a competitor’s website instead.

Increase Your SEO Efforts Now

These are some things that can hurt your SEO ranking. We have explained what they are and how you can avoid them.

The most important thing to remember is that you must optimize your site for search engine optimization.

You should not use any black hat techniques or tactics to get better rankings in Google’s search results.

They are against Google’s terms of service and can lead to your website being banned from the search engine.

If you follow these tips, you will see a significant increase in your website’s traffic and sales, which will then increase your search engine ranking.

Check out our blog posts to learn more about how to increase your search engine ranking.